Venue 8 – “Topical Issues in Modern Humanities: Russian Traditions and International Practices” (Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk)


Tatiana Abramzon, Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor, Director of the Institute for the Humanities of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University


Alexey Ivanov,

EventContentPerson in Charge
International Interdisciplinary Scientific ConferenceTopical Issues in Modern Humanities: Russian Traditions and International PracticesA.G. Ivanov
PlenaryDigital Humanities: New Science and Educational OpportunitiesT.E. Abramzon
Section 1Topical Issues of the History and Methods of Teaching Historical DisciplinesM.N. Potemkina
Section 2Topical Issues of Philology and Methods of Teaching Foreign LanguagesA.T. Akasheva
Section 3Foreign Languages in Professional ActivityN.N. Zerkina
Section 4Topical Issues of the Theory and Practice of Social Work and Psychological and Pedagogical EducationE.V. Oleynik
Section 5Topical Issues of Pedagogical Education and Records ManagementS.S. Velikanova
Section 6Topical Issues of Linguistics and Literature StudiesS.V. Rudakova
Section 7Topical Issues of Preschool, Special, and Professional EducationV.A. Chernobrovkin
Section 8Psychological Personality Problems in Modern SocietyO.P. Stepanova
Section 9Issues of Philology and Journalism, and the Methods of Teaching ThemL.N. Churillina
Student popular science showBattle of Young ScientistsA.G. Ivanov
Summarizing the results and preparing the Resolution draftReport by the venue supervisor  T.E. Abramzon