About Forum

The International Research and Educational Forum “EURASIA 2022: The Social and Humanitarian Space in the Era of Globalization and Digitalization” is founded by the Chelyabinsk Regional Government, Ministry of Education and Science, and Ministry of Culture, and is held at the leading universities in the Chelyabinsk Region.

Forum mission: the leadership of the South Ural region as a territory uniting Europe and Asia, and creation of an international communication platform in the region in order to broaden the multilateral cooperation in the fields of education, culture, science and technology to develop an integrated social-and-humanitarian and digital space in Eurasia.

Forum Goals and Tasks

1. Facilitate the development of new social and economic relations between European and Asian countries in the South Ural region and organize broad cultural interaction and exchange between the peoples of the East and the West.

2. Ensure the leadership of the South Ural region as a territory uniting Europe and Asia.

3. Discuss the strategic priorities of the development of education systems with considering modern requirements for the quality of training in the context of globalization and digitalization.

4. Promote the importance of scientific research to intensify the activity of South Ural institutions and organisations in interregional and international interaction in the context of globalization and digitalization.

5. Engage distinguished world-famous scientists and young researchers from the leading Russian and foreign research universities to discuss the issues of the modern age in the field of social sciences and humanities.

6. Stimulate a dialogue between the academic community regarding the issues of Eurasian integration in the context of globalization and digitalization.

7. Contribute to the understanding of the Eurasian identity and the experience of the interaction between the countries and peoples of Eurasia.

8. Facilitate the development of networking partnerships among young people.

9. Publish the Forum’s proceedings in Russian (Russian Science Citation Index). The best reports will be considered for publication in peer-reviewed journals (recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles): Bulletin of SUSU (Series: “Social Sciences and the Humanities”, “Linguistics”, “Education. Educational Sciences”), and Society and Power. In the long run, it is planned to publish the proceedings in the English language, which will be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases.