Venue 5 – “The Contemporary Paradigm of the Linguistic and Philology Space” (Chelyabinsk State University)


Liliya Nefedova, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation at Chelyabinsk State University


Gayane Vlasyan, Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of English at Chelyabinsk State University,

EventContentPerson in Charge
International Research Conference Word, Utterance, Text: Cognitive, Pragmatic and Cultural AspectsL.A. Nefedova
Plenary The Contemporary Paradigm of the Linguistic and Philology SpaceL.A. Nefedova
Section 1Discursive Construction: Representation of Reality in the Context of Global ChallengesS.L. Kushneruk
O.A. Solopova
Section 2Semantics and Pragmatics of Text and Linguistic Units in a New Linguistic SpaceE.I. Golovanova
G.R. Vlasyan
Section 3The Linguistic Image of the World and Cross-cultural CommunicationE.N. Aznacheeva
E.V. Kharchenko
Section 4Translation and Translation Studies in the Digital AgeO.N. Kovaleva E.A. Teleshova
Section 5Language Teaching and Methods of Teaching L1 and L2I.A. Bobykina
E.N. Yaroslavova
Section 6The Russian Language and Literature in Europe and AsiaT.F. Semyan
E.G. Belousova
Round tableDevelopment of Intercultural Competence in German Classes: Theory and PracticeR.I. Babaeva
Round tableDigital Literacy of a Humanities-minded Person: New Challenge in the Data EraI.A. Bobykina  
WorkshopAssignments, Exercises and Games in VR, Offline and Online Formats as Teacher’s ToolsE.A. Yukhmina
Panel discussionNew Role of a Linguist: How to Redefine the Profession of a CommunicatorM.V. Zagidullina
Flipped classroomCase Studies as a Basis for Interactive, Practice-oriented Training of Linguistics StudentsL.N. Lubozheva
Assortment sessionHow to Build Individual Educational Trajectories for Linguistics Students in Moodle?S.S. Zaychenko
Master classProject Technologies of Literature PromotionA.S. Polushkin
T.F. Semyan
Presentation of the poetry collectionPresentation of the Poetry Collection of Chelyabinsk Poets “Uniting Europe and Asia”T.F. Semyan
E.A. Smyshlyaev
Master classRussian Painting Masterpieces in Classes of Russian as a Foreign LanguageM.A. Filatov
Research Stand-Up: contest of student research projects in the format of creative poster presentationsCulture Image: Educational and Intercultural AspectsU.A. Zharkova
Round tableCAT and CAI Technologies in Theory, Practice and Didactics of TranslationE.S. Krasnopeeva  
Student project lecture coursePhilological Trends in the 21st CenturyA.A. Selyutin
WorkshopQuasi-understanding in an Intercultural Situation: How to Avoid AwkwardnessS.Yu. Dvinina
Summarizing the results and preparing the Resolution draftReport by the venue supervisorL.A. Nefedova